Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen :D,
How r u everyone? It is my honor to introduce "Surviving FCI" blog. This blog aims to let FCI students (and graduates) share their FCI experience with each others. No matter what is his/her experience (A+s, Programming contests, Internships/Jobs, student activities, or even social relationships). The point from sharing the experience is to let the junior FCI students have better experience and finally advance our to be loved faculty.

Any contribution is welcome :). Just some rules:
1- The contribution must give a positive view (negativity is not allowed)/
2- No street language.
3- discussion must be in a very democratic form.
4- Arabic or English languages.

if you have a contribution (article, comment, or feedback), please contact me

Live Happy!


  1. Congratulations Ahmed for you blog, and waiting more and more on it :)

  2. رائع جدا

    وأنتظر الموضوع الأول

  3. waiting u my friend ahmed :);)

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